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Customer Shade Sail Installations and Photos - Inspiration from our own Customers!

Customer Shade Sail Installations and Photos - inspiration and ideas from our customers 

For us, June is 'Customer Inspiration' month and we are sharing lots of photos of our own Customer Shade Sail Installations and Photos.  It’s lovely to receive feedback and hear the creative ways our customers have installed their shade sails. Hearing the stories about how you choose to install your shade sails inspires us to spread these ideas and think of as many ways as possible! 

Every space is different, so therefore every installation is different. Whether you are a keen DIY’er or have to get someone to provide a bit of help, your installation will allow you to 'bring out the shade' for many years to come. We want to share lots of our customer photos and provide you with as much inspiration as possible!


Firstly we’ve got a really interesting idea, especially if your a keen DIY’er this can give the sails a very sophisticated look within your garden.

One of our customers D. Gorrie has created a wooden pergola to support his Clara Shade Sails, giving you a more permanent fix. The wooden frame and metal fixings on the floor were custom made to fit the sails perfectly. If you're up for a challenge this could be the style for you! The photos demonstrate how the sails give a perfect cover for a patio area, perhaps a more permanent alternative to an outdoor umbrella? So if you're creating a new outdoor space or a new house this could be the perfect lasting addition.


Here we have some more examples of Pergolas using our shade sails sent in by Helen. We love the simple design of these with the light green colouring that compliments the white shade sails. This can be personalised to each garden, changing the colour and decoration around the sails. 


We have seen more popularity in adding fairy lights around the sails, with these pergolas the fairy lights bring a lovely atmosphere to the garden and create the perfect space for entertaining!

Night time

We love this Customer Shade Sail Installations and Photo from last year. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable once the sun goes down, if you're having a BBQ it's nice to make the most of the outdoors! In this photo you can see how the sail provides the perfect canopy area at night, we especially love the fairy lights around the edges.

We were told by the customer that it rained during the party but her guests were kept nice and dry.

The beauty of a white shade sail is that it allows you to add a colourful decoration of your choice! These fairy lights are just one example, or you could have a coloured bunting for an occasion, flowers, and plants in the garden or some brightly coloured cushions. You can check out our tropical cushions on the clara shade sail website. So if your looking for the perfect addition to an outdoor party, a shade sail could be the option for you! 

Against the House

Perhaps one of our most popular ways to use the shade sail is to secure against your house. This customer photo was sent in by T. Orford. As you can see on the right the shade sail has been secured up against the house in front of bi-fold doors. This is great as it can provide you with shade to stop the sun coming into your house but also for an outdoor dining/seating area. 

In order to attach your shade sail to the side of your house as an example, you can purchase high-quality shade sail fixtures on our website. These are made of stainless steel so therefore they will not rust or break so they can be left up in the winter months. The fixtures provide you with a simple and easy way of assembling your shade sail for maximum strength and a sleek classy look.

Here we have another lovely example sent in by Micheala, which shows you how you can attach your shade sail to a patio area outside your house. Micheala used  shade sail fixtures which you can find on our website. From the photos we can see how Michaela was able to attach these fixtures to her walls to create a secure and tight way to attach your shade sail. This is a very simple process, with fixtures such as these you will have ease putting up your shade sail for years to come as the carabiners and turnbuckles are very easy to clip and unclip.



From our customer photos and conversations, we’ve also seen some new and interesting ways to fix shade sails! Here our customer Andy. K has recycled old trampoline poles as a way of holding up shade sails in a space that does not have a clear fixing place nearby.  We absolutely love this idea and this shows you that with these shade sails you have unlimited creativity. Plus recycling old poles means one less thing to go to the local dump. 



Sent in by Maxine one of our Amazon customers this photo shows you how you can really use your imagination and transport yourself away to another place.  We love this beach garden and the photo reminds us that many of our customers take the smaller sails on holiday with them and to the seaside for respite from the midday sun.  

We want to highlight to you that the shade sail is really unique to any space and that with some thought and decoration you can really make it your own.

If you have any more creative ways you have used your shade sail, we’d love to see some photos! You can simply email us at We hope to keep extending this blog over time with lots of different examples and we will soon be adding a gallery to our website, so watch this space!


We hope you have enjoyed this Customer Shade Sail Installations and Photo article.