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Cool your Conservatory - How to put up a Shade Sail in a Conservatory

Cool your Conservatory - How to put up a Shade Sail in a Conservatory

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So, if you are reading this then it’s likely you have a conservatory or glass roofed room, and it’s also likely that for most of the summer the space is way too hot to be functional.  Also, the room can be very bright when the sun is out so not helpful if you are trying to read, use your laptop computer screen, or even watch TV in there. Furniture colour can also fade very quickly and before you know it you find yourself wondering what the point is.

We have lots of customers who have done their research and found that going down the custom made blind or fixed roof awnings design path can be very expensive.  They have then come across our DIY sails and seen how flexible and easy to install they are, and they haven’t looked back. 

We get lots of great feedback from customers who use our sails in their conservatories, and you can read some of their comments and tips, plus see their conservatory shade sail pictures, in our Conservatory Living - Customer Feedback and Tips - Clara Shade Sails blog. If you want to know another secret, we have one in our own conservatory and it’s one of the main reasons we started this business in the first place.  Our conservatory was the first place we put one of our Clara Shade Sails and after 7 years it is still going strong.

In this short video, I show you exactly how I bring out and put up my own Clara Shade Sail early summer each year.  I think you will be very surprised by how simple it is and the hooks I use are just simple screw in hooks available from the usual hardware/DIY stores.