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Clara Shade Sails for your Staycation!

Clara Shade Sails for your Staycation!

2020 and 2021 haven’t exactly been the years for going on holidays abroad, but our Clara Shade Sails, Brazilian hammocks, and tropical water resistant cushion covers are perfect if you are planning a staycation at home or anywhere in the UK.

Packed away into a handy carry case, our sails are lightweight, 98% UV protective and waterproof. A convenient alternative to the parasol, day tents, canopies or larger gazebos on the market. With a little bit of imagination and a ball of nylon rope, the possibilities are endless. 

Here are just a few of our favourites.



Camping Glamping Shade Sails

We have many customers who go camping and use our shade sails to provide some extra sun shade or rain protection, with the sails being set up to create a convenient living 'porch' in front of a campervan or caravan.  By attaching two corners to the side of the vehicle and then using tent poles or something similar to support the other corners, a nice shaded space is created – perfect for winding down and enjoying an evening drink.

If you fancy a night under the stars, then our Brazilian style hammocks come with their own matching bag, so you can easily take them on holiday with you, and set up wherever you want to rest your head.



Our sails can be used on yachts or small boats to provide additional shade from the midday sun. They are great for when you want to be in the fresh air, but just need a bit of relief from the heat. Our smaller sizes are ideal, as they don’t take up much room, and can be moved about, wherever they will be most effective. Plus, they have their own carry case, so they can easily be stowed away when they are no longer needed.



Personally, we like taking our Clara Shade Sail on picnics to the countryside, park or beach. As long as we take some nylon rope with us, we can hang them from any unsuspecting tree or bush we can find; a great way to create shade or rain protection for family and friends, or to store food under whilst being outside.  For beach shade, securing to your wind break or using temporary poles is also another idea. If you don't have a wind break, the shade sail can also be used for this purpose.



If you ever need some extra shade whilst working the local boot-fair or craft show, our shade sails can be a flexible alternative to a gazebo. You just need to secure two ends to the side of the car and use temporary poles to raise the other corners up. In the height of the summer, your stall will be more appealing, as customers can stand in the shade (or get out of the rain!) to see your wares.



Clara Shade Sails installation screw in hooks staycation blog

Hanging sails loosely with just rope is also a perfect way of moving a shade sail around your garden and home to suit your needs, depending on where the sun is and which part of the garden you wish to shade.  Simply feed the rope through the D rings at each end, and then wrap and tie the other end of the rope around the fixing point you have in mind. Trees, Fences, Sheds, Poles, Bushes – these are all suitable targets for our lighter shade sails.  For a quick fix idea, we also use simple screw in hooks like the ones on the left. 

Safety: With the above methods of loosely fitting your shade sail we DON’T recommend that you leave your shade sail out overnight or during very wet weather. You are unlikely to have positioned it at the right angle or securely enough to stop the rainwater puddling in the middle.  Beware of strong overnight winds too! 

See our installation guide blog for information on how to secure your sail more securely should you require more of a permanent feature, or have purchased one of our larger sails.



If you’re staying at home this summer, but still want to feel like you’re holidaying in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, then our tropical themed cushion covers will add a splash of colour, and give your garden the illusion of being overseas.

On a hot summer’s day, our Brazilian hammocks are fabulous for relaxing in – they are extra large, so can fit up to 2 adults, and if you close your eyes, you and your loved one could be lying on a beach somewhere…or you could just have it all to yourself!

Clara Shade Sail waterproof tropical garden cushion covers Clara Shade Sails Brazilian extra large hammock Clara Shade Sails Extra Large Tiger Monkey waterproof garden floor cushions




Clara Shade Sail waterproof UV protection

We know many people with children have added extra play items to the garden to help ease the boredom of lockdown and restrictions. Our shade sails can be used to cover paddling pools, sandpits, or garden toys, to add extra protection against UV rays, or allow extra play time if it starts to rain.