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Alternative uses for your Clara Shade Sail - Getting More From My Garden Sun Shade Sail

Clara Shade Sails - Alternative sues for shade sail blog article Ideas

Alternative uses for your Clara Shade Sail - Getting More From My Garden Sun Shade Sail

Clara Shade Sails are just for providing garden shade, right? Well, they are most commonly used for this purpose, hence the name 😊, but they do have other uses as well, as we have found out from our customers.

1. UV protection

As well as providing shade, our sails can also be used to protect you from the sun’s UV rays, especially children or those with health issues. Our shade sails are treated to provide UV protection up to 98%, and are certified to be UPF50+. As the sun’s rays can move and bounce around, especially near reflective surfaces such as water, we recommend still covering up and using sunscreen.

You can find our popular white shade sails here.

2. Rain protection for garden dining, parties and wedding.

The summer months, late spring and early autumn are when we expect the best weather, so many parties and weddings take place during this time of year. Unfortunately, we know the weather in the UK can be very unpredictable, so the sails are also treated to be waterproof, and are great for keeping everyone dry if there’s a sudden shower.

Whilst we don’t recommend that the sails are left up during extreme weather, the sails proved to be very popular during the winter lockdown. They provided rain shelter for families and friends who wanted to meet up outside 😊

Check out our customer gallery for inspiration.


Clara Shade Sails - Alternative shade sails uses parties weddings outside dining


3. Temperature control in conservatories and sunrooms

During the height of the summer, some conservatories and sunrooms can become unusable when the temperatures start to rise. The shade sail is a more cost effective alternative to fitted conservatory blinds. We have had many customers who have used the sails for this purpose, and have found it has made a big difference. The flip side is, during the winter months the sails can also be used to help keep heat in these rooms as well.

If you can't find a size to fit your space, we are very excited to have teamed up with a UK based company who can provide a tailored quote for a set of customised conservatory sails in a variety of different colours! Head over to our Customised Conservatory Roof Shade Sail Blinds page to get a quote.


Clara Shade Sails Alternative use for shade sails blog conservatories and sun room


4. Privacy screen

The sails can be installed vertically to provide some privacy when you’re sitting in your garden, terrace or balcony. They are made from a lightweight material, so light can still get through, and won’t leave you sitting in a dark shadow!

We’ve also had quite a few customers who have used the sails alongside or over their hot tubs to protect their modesty from prying eyes or nosy neighbours!

5. Cinema screen

Believe it or not, some people have come up with the idea of using the white rectangle shade sails as a cheaper alternative to a projector screen. Outside cinema experiences have become incredibly popular in the last several years, so you can enjoy your film night al fresco! Once you’ve taken the sail down for the winter, you can also use it indoors to watch your favourite movies!!


Clara Shade Sails - Alternative shade sail uses projector cinema screen


6. Vehicle protection

Not all properties have garages, or there may be more than one vehicle in the household, so the shade sail is ideal for keeping your car, van or bike covered and protected from tree sap, falling leaves and bird poo! As long as the sail is angled correctly, rain will run off and take most debris with it.

7. Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars

Our shade sails aren’t just for your garden - a lot of business have bought from us over the years to shelter their outside customers from the sun and rain. If you are interested in purchasing a shade sail for your business, please get in touch or head over to our trade and wholesale page to get more information.

Clara Shade Sails for pubs, bars and restaurants and businesses

8. Schools and nurseries

Several schools have invested in our sails to protect their children from the sun and rain during playtime. Many have also set up garden areas as any extra recreational activity, and used the sails for cover when the children are enjoying the area or looking after the plants they are growing.

9. Pet and animal protection

It’s not just us humans that need protecting from the sun, animal shelters have also made use of the sails, and we’ve had customers who have set up a sail over their fishpond when temperatures reached high levels last year.


Clara Shade Sail - Alternative shade sail uses pet protection


We hope you've found this article useful. if you have used our shade sail for alternative purpose, we'd love to hear from you and see some pictures of it in use. Just email us at and we can keep on adding to our list.