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A very easy way of fixing your Clara Shade Sail

The Free Spirited

shade sail installation

This is where my husband and I definitely fit.  We love getting out the ball of nylon rope and hanging our sails from any unsuspecting tree, bush, post, gutter, nail or pole that we can find.  This method is perfect for moving the shade sails around your garden and home and also for when you are taking them with you on camping trips, picnics and other trips away from the home.  Simply feed the rope through the D rings at each end and then wrap and tie the other end of the rope around the object you have in mind. Alternatively, use the D ring to simply hook your shade sail onto suitable hardware such as screw hooks. 

We find the following useful:

Nylon, polyester rope like this:

nylon polyester rope

Screw hooks like this:

screw hooks

With this method of fixing we DON’T recommend that you leave your shade sail out overnight or during very wet weather. You are unlikely to have positioned it at the right angle or likewise securely enough to stop the rainwater puddling in the middle.  Beware of strong overnight winds too! Click here for information on how to look after your sail.