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Our 5 Top Tips for Keeping your Shade Sail Happy

Our 5 Top Tips for Keeping your Shade Sail Happy

Top Tips for Sails

To help you look after your Clara Shade Sail we thought we would share our top 5 tips for keeping your sail happy.

1) Always angle correctly so that should it rain the water runs off rather than puddling in the middle. If square or rectangle, two of the corners will need to be positioned lower than the others and if a triangle, at least one of the corners.

2) Don't leave out during extremes of weather.  If you haven't fixed using proper shade sail fixings and poles then treat as a very temporary structure that should be taken down when not being used.

3) Wash with warm water and a sponge and only a very mild detergent.  Don't ever use bleach or other caustic cleaners and don't machine wash as this will remove the waterproof protection.

4) Keep well away from flames and barbeques.

5) Always ensure your shade sail is fully dry before storing.  Fold carefully to avoid excessive creasing.

Should you have any questions about these top tips, feel free to drop us a line.

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