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4 Steps to a Summer Ready Garden


4 steps to a summer ready garden

4 Steps to a Summer Ready Garden -

The weather may not have totally got the memo but Spring officially started, 20th March and Summer is just around the corner, officially starting 21st June 2019. 

Our spring may have been a bit of a wash-out but that means we have the perfect opportunity to really plan and prepare our outdoor spaces for the rest of summer. 

Don’t forget, this May bank holiday is the last one before August 26th!

Our gardens may be looking a little worst-for-wear after the onslaught of winter and temperamental spring, but now is the ideal time to get your garden/outdoor space summer-ready.

Whether your garden is a small patch, balcony or a large expansive meadow, any space can be functional and attractive with a few good ideas, the right planning, selective spending, and a little bit of hard work.

Our 4-step process will help focus your thoughts and systematically plough through that ‘to-do list’ to get your garden summer-ready.

Step 1 - Basic Garden Maintenance

First things first, work with what you have. Basic garden maintenance will perk up your outdoor space and start to make it feel like a place you’d like to relax in.

If you have a lawn, mow it; a freshly cut lawn looks great and smells amazing!  If it’s looking a bit patchy in places sprinkle it with seed, and water regularly.

If you have a patio or deck, remove any of the moss, weeds and dirt on it and in the cracks. There is nothing better than a pressure washer to revive tired looking paving stones and slabs to give them that new lease of life.

If your deck is looking really tired, however, and the pressure washer won’t cut-it, sand it down and treat with a stain or protector to bring it back to its former glory.

Is your fence still standing? If so wash and stain it to give it a fresh look and prolong its life.

Refresh your borders and pots; weed your borders and pots, turn over the soil, consider a fresh layer of bark to give it that really maintained look.

Buy and plant any annuals you want to try this year.

flower border

Step 2 - Create your look

If your garden is looking a bit bland and uninteresting, ask yourself what ‘look’ you want to create to liven it up?

Go online, or get garden magazines for ideas to help you create your own mood board.

We have put a few ideas together to help you get started!

  1. Add border edging - to achieve clean lines and make mowing easier
  2. Create shade creatively - consider a new parasol, umbrellas, pergola, shade sail or fixed awning.
  3. Add a hammock - great alternative to the sun lounger and perfect for snoozing on a hot summer's day.
  4. Entertainment area - clean down your garden furniture from last year and if you can't afford expensive garden dining sets, use your imagination and look to upcycle using old doors, decking and cast off interior furniture.
  5. Accessorise - treat your garden like your home and add accessories, beanbags, outdoor cushions, mirrors and even outdoor curtains are all easy to find and buy.

Check out our own Clara Shade Sails, Hammocks and Water Resistant Cushion Covers.

tropical cushions garden

Step 3 - Cleaning the BBQ and Furniture

It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

Your BBQ - nobody wants to be cleaning their BBQ on a hot afternoon the day before you invite friends over!

Fingers crossed you stored your BBQ away properly for the winter and it only needs a little spring clean to be summer-ready.  If you didn’t, and you still have baked on dirt from last summer, you’ll need to allocate a bit more time and use a stiff BBQ brush or stainless-steel paint/putty scraper along with mild soap and warm water.  Please read your BBQ’s user instructions before cleaning.

We found these helpful links for cleaning and maintaining your BBQ

cleaning bbq

Next, get your garden furniture ready -  does it need a good clean or is it time to invest in some new garden furniture?  Having a good set of garden table and chairs is the basis for any entertaining area and enables you to prolong the summer evenings in the garden by eating al fresco.   Get these out and give them a good rub down.  If you are thinking of investing in garden furniture this teak garden furniture guide is a useful read before you invest.

Shade - do you have a shade sail from last year that needs a good clean, a parasol or umbrella? Click HERE to find out how to clean and care for your shade sail:

Once your large furniture items have been dealt with, concentrate on the outdoor accessories. 

Unpack your outdoor cushions; what condition are they in, do they just need an airing, or are some a bit worn and jaded and need replacing?  Check out our new jungle outdoor cushions - arriving in stock early June!!

Step Four - Zone and Accessorise

Make your outdoor space an area that you want to spend time in. From a large garden to small terrace or balcony zoning and giving each part a definite purpose will bring enjoyment.  Adding colour, pattern and textures through your accessories (cushions, throws, furniture, hammocks, bean bags) will make it a welcoming space and unique to your home and garden.

Zoning of your garden is another good idea to break up the space, add function and purpose. Our Shade Sails are the perfect solution for zoning. Fix conventionally for cover and a shady area, but also consider hanging vertically to provide a physical divider between spaces, perfect if you need some added privacy or just want to divide the garden up with more purpose. Our new 2m sizes are great for balconies and small gardens.

Bring the outdoors in by adding pretty accessories as well as practical furniture.

Also don’t forget the lighting!

Lighting is the easiest way to dress-up your garden and/or outdoor living space. If you don’t have the budget to install garden lights opt for some solar outdoor lighting to highlight specific areas and features in your garden. Fairy lights in the foliage around a hammock, for example, can look really pretty.

Please see our website homepage for shade sails, hammocks and outdoor accessories such as water resistant cushion covers.


 white tasselled hammock