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Top tips for getting in and out of your hammock

Hammock Brazilian White Cream linen with tassels

Top tips of getting in and out of your hammock

So some things in life just aren't easy and some things that should be simple should really come with an instruction manual.  Low ride sports cars, top of the escalator at a busy tube station, ski lifts, sushi eating and in this instance getting in and out of one of our gorgeous Clara hammocks, a few tips should go a long way.

For those of you who are new to using a hammock or for those who fancy using one a little more gracefully here are our top tips for getting in and out. 

Enjoy and good luck!

Getting In

  1. Stand in front of your hammock at the middle point and with one hand grab the front of the material and with the other grab the back of the hammock.
  2. Lower yourself down to a 45-degree angle, and at the same time pull the material apart, spreading it out whilst you slowly sit down.
  3. Lean slightly back to allow the full width of the material take your weight,
  4. Swing both your legs round so you can lie back and relax.

Getting Out

  1. Swing your legs round whilst sitting up so you are facing out of the hammock.
  2. Put both feet firmly on the floor and then slowly start to bend forward to a 45-degree angle.
  3. Once you are steady, start to slowly move into standing position.
  4. Once you are standing fully – let go of the hammock and walk away.

How did that go? - let us know by sending us an email on - we would love to hear your own tips on how to enjoy and make the most of your Clara Hammock.

We thank you for trusting in our brand and products.  

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