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Shade Sail Accessories - Garden, Patio Décor Ideas and Inspiration

Shade Sail Accessories - Garden, Patio Décor Ideas and Inspiration

shade sail accessories

A garden really can be the best place to express your creativity, by combining design with nature. Through seasons your garden can adapt and change colours so sometimes it can be hard to find the right accessories and designs. In this blog, I want to show you some of my favourite accessory ideas which can really complement both your garden and shade sail.

First of all fairy lights! Especially on balmy summer evenings, it's lovely to light up your garden in as many ways as possible. Here at Clara Shade Sails, we have been asking customers to send in photos of their Shade Sails, we’ve had a lot of customers send in photos showing how they have added fairy lights to their Shade Sail and we love them!

Cooper Fairy Lights

For a minimalist look the latest copper fairy lights are the perfect choice. They provide a small soft light and with the copper joining the lights together they can blend really well within your garden. These can also be placed into jars to provide a fun table centre piece! These ones are from



Bulb String Lights

A more rustic look is the “naked bulb”, these string lights are very popular and you may often see them in restaurants and bars. Draping these across a table can provide a really chic look which is perfect for entertaining.  These are from amazon.

Ivy Fairy Lights

Ivy fairy lights can be perfect for outside, especially if you want your fairy lights to blend with the green of your garden. A nice idea with these is to create a “garland” around wooden posts or fences in your garden. Pinterest is the perfect place to find some inspiration for this! You can also buy ivy fairy lights as a “curtain” so you could create a whole fairy light/green wall!  These ones are from

Water Resistant Cushion Covers

When relaxing outside of course you want to be comfy! Outdoor cushions are both water resistant and made to last. At Clara Shade Sails we sell a range of outdoor cushion covers which have a tropical colourful theme! So if you're looking to add a pop of colour to your garden this could be the perfect solution!

outdoor, waterproof. cushion

Patterned Tile stickers 

So something which I’ve seen in style recently is patterned outdoor tiles, which can certainly brighten up any patio space but also give a new theme to your garden. Instead of actually purchasing patterned tiles, or if you want to choose a more unique pattern online you can find tile “stickers”. Which can be added onto existing tiles to give you a pattern! For example, you may not want every tile to be patterned, or you may see a style on a sticker you prefer. If you type online patterned tile stickers many come up, I have personally found a wide range on Etsy and this could be a good place to start. Be adventurous! And even if you don’t like it you can just peel the stickers off!

Brazilian style hammock

In the summer we all love an afternoon snooze, however, sometimes there cannot always be the space to have a permanent lounger, after all in the winter how much will it be used? A perfect quick and easy alternative is a hammock that still provides you with the same comfort! At Clara Shade Sails we sell a Brazillian style hammock, which with a few blankets and cushions would look beautiful in any garden!

hammock. brazilian style 

Outdoor Bunting 

Another decoration we have noticed with lots of our customer photos is bunting! We seem to associate the use of bunting with birthdays and parties but it can also be a really good design addition to your garden to add some colour! If you're using it outside its best to get specifically “outdoor bunting” as this will be more durable. In terms of buying bunting it can really vary depending on the style you're going for, if you want some more unique designs I would recommend looking on Etsy, and for more simple designs Amazon provides some great options.


Outdoor Paper Lanterns

If you're looking for some warm lighting, hanging paper lanterns would be perfect. These are available to purchase in a range of colours and designs, I personally love the white paper lanterns against the shade sail as it creates a very gentle look. However the lanterns may create the perfect opportunity to add some colour to your garden, and most colours can be easily paired with a white shade sail!

Bunting on a shade sails


Plants! Perhaps the most obvious decoration for the garden! On the patio, potted plants can really change the dynamics of your space. With so many variations of styles of pots you really can bring the colours into the scheme of your garden. Perhaps creating an area underneath your shade sail can break the space up into zones. If you decide to put plants underneath your shade sail make sure to check if they can survive without direct sunlight. There are many articles which give you the best examples!