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A more secure way of fixing your Clara Shade Sail

Job for the keen D.I.Y'er

For the keen D.I.Y’er and if you are looking for a stronger and more resilient fixture in your garden; maybe you want to leave out overnight, avoid creases, make it even easier to put up and take down and keep the sail sailing well through the summer months then this one is definitely the method for you.

Go invest in a set of specialist shade sail accessories/fixings that will include pad eyes, snap hooks and turnbuckles.  You can purchase these either from your local DIY store or online.  Also, consider investing in some proper sail shade poles or your own custom made poles if you don’t have enough places to properly secure your sail to.

This method takes a little bit of planning and measuring as you will need to make sure that the sail is correctly positioned where you want it and at the right angle so that any rainwater can correctly runoff. 

Any posts you put up need to be of a suitable thickness and strength and ideally should be properly secured by concreting them into position.

There are many videos and training guides online that show you step by step how to do a professional job. 

We can’t currently recommend a single supplier of accessories/fixings or shade sail poles but advise you to do your own research.