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Taking care of your Clara Shade Sail

A little bit of common sense

We have worked hard to ensure that our Clara Shade Sails are of the best quality materials, light enough to be easy to fix yourself but still strong enough to withstand a good amount of wear and tear.   Our advice to ensuring that your Clara Shade Sail remains in good condition is as follows:

1. Remember it is a temporary structure only.

2. It should not be left out during extremes of weather or during the winter months.

3. To fully appreciate the waterproof qualities of the material you will need to angle the shade sail correctly so that the water runs off rather than puddling in the middle.  If square, two of the corners will need to be positioned lower than the others and if triangle, at least one of the of the corners.

4. You should regularly tighten your sail so that it is as flat and without creases as possible - tension needs to be maintained

5. Should you need to clean your sail, then DO NOT scrub or use harsh abrasive cleaning products as this will remove the waterproof protection.

6. Remove any debris and only use very diluted washing up liquid mixed with water to sponge down very lightly.

7. Always pack away your sail once it is completely dry.

8. Carefully fold to pack away to avoid excessive creasing.